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The Profits and Losses of Business Funding Services


There are many factors to weigh when it comes to considering the profits and losses of business funding services. When an online or small business is fairly new, there is often a need for cash, payroll, inventory, equipment, packaging, office supplies, advertising costs, rent or costs of creating a website. When you need funds, you can obtain start-up business funding through an existing business or business funding website. The funding is arranged by exchanging a percentage of future income from credit card sales for a cash advance from investors seeking projects to fund. Knowing how to find and obtain help in such crucial moments may be vital to your business’ continuing prosperity.


Such business loans can be a particularly good fit for companies seeking funding who have a product or service that has been selling well, but suffers from a bad credit rating or history. However, you may not qualify for this type of business funding if your company has a prior bankruptcy still on file, or if your business is less than a year old. You also need to have a history of credit card payments for your company or website.

Obtaining a loan from a traditional lender such as a credit union or bank is unlikely with poor or bad credit. If your business needs capital to keep running, no matter what your specific need is, the best solution may be finding investors seeking new projects to fund. These business loans offer a lifeline to your struggling business.

Traditional loans usually have an established monthly payment amount with a set interest rate. A business funding website provides a less-rigid path for repayment. One option is for a business funding website to recover their investment through payment of a percentage of monthly credit card payments to your business. Your business would also be responsible for fees charged by the investor. Loan amounts are determined after considering your company’s current and historical credit card sale amounts. This information will be needed when you make your online loan application.

Because there is less red tape for this type of funding, money is transferred to the business quickly, and you can continue without unnecessary interruption. You might be able to submit an online application through the website and money is transferred as quickly as a few hours afterward. Everything is done online with little or no document scanning, faxing or mailing involved. These loans for a project seeking funding also have a higher approval rate than loans with a traditional lender. With banks or large lending corporations it takes much longer to go through the process of obtaining a loan.

You simply pay a percentage of income from that month. This lowers your stress and allows you to reinvest more in your business. You only pay your percentage amount to the business funding service you used. No collateral is required. Instead, your past credit card sales determine the amount of the loan and your future credit card sales pay off the loan over time.

As the economy has gone through dips and valleys, many small businesses have experienced hard times, and their credit history can look bad. So finding business funding with bad credit is easier through an advance from investors seeking projects to fund. With the cash received, your business improves its immediate situation as well as your future credit history.


You decide if this option is the right choice for you. So this is what you need to know if you go ahead with an application to a business funding website:

Check all the terms of the loan you are applying for so you know what you will be responsible for paying and when.

Payments are made through future credit card sales so this area of business funding is not a regulated area of the lending industry. Do your homework about the company you approach for your business loan. Look for a long-standing company with a good reputation before you do any deals.

There are fees, but the types of fees may differ from those of a traditional lender. Ask about all fees associated with the loan and when they will be applied before you e-sign any paperwork or receive any funds.

Check all the details and reputation of any lender you are considering. Check the Better Business Bureau for any comments from other clients and the lender’s rating. Check out the leaders listed on the website, past press releases and their industry experience. Do they have a corporate presence on social media? If so, what types of comments are they receiving from their followers. Knowing & learning all the aspects to the profits and losses of business funding services will guarantee success for you and your business.

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