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Loans On Account Receivables

Loans On Account Receivables

Accounts-receivable financing is a type of asset-financing arrangement in which a company uses its receivables — outstanding invoices or money owed by customers — to receive financing. The company receives an amount that is equal to a reduced value of the receivables pledged. The receivables’ age largely impacts the amount of financing the company receives.


This type of financing helps companies free up capital that is stuck in unpaid debts. Accounts-receivable financing also transfers the default risk associated with the accounts receivables to the financing company.


Factoring companies take several elements into account when determining how much to offer a company in exchange for its accounts receivables. In most cases, accounts receivables owed by large companies or corporations are more valuable than invoices owed by small companies or individuals. Similarly, new invoices are more valuable than old invoices. Generally, the easier the factoring company feels a bill is to collect, the more valuable it is, and the harder a bill is to collect, the less it is worth.

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    Documents required*:

    Outstanding invoices.
    Business bank statements (3 months to 6 months0

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    Based on the factoring company but usually around 24 hours to 14 days.
    Funds sent to borrower’ bank account in Less than 24 hours to 14 days.

    *The information provided is under ideal condition and may change based upon business portfolio and circumstantial needs.