Business line of credit

  1. Do you think your receivables could be delayed and it will affect your business operations?
  2. Is the cash flow going to be stuck for a while causing you trouble to operate your business?
  3. Do you think your business could need some extra funds but not sure how much?

Similar questions have troubled many entrepreneur and business owner minds and here is a solution. At Prosperum Funding, find out how much your business can get a business line of credit and use the funds when you need them, you don’t need then, well, that’s good because you don’t pay if you don’t withdraw.

Line of credit is a business finance solution which helps you understand the extra cash you might have available for the use of business. It’s a business credit card, you pay when you use the funds, otherwise you don’t need to. Any business can apply for a line of credit.

    Apply now for a business line of credit by filling the form on the Above  call us at (844)804-3511 Prosperum funding will help you secure a line of credit based on your business profile.

    Documents required*:

    • Business registration details
    • Business bank statement of 3 to 6 months

    Approval timeline:

    • 2 hours to 48 hours

    Funds sent to borrower’ bank account in

    • Less than 24 hours to 3 days.


    *The information provided is under ideal condition and may change based upon business portfolio and circumstantial needs.