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How To Get a Business Loan Without a Personal Guarantee


How to Get a Loan Without a Personal Guarantee

No doubt there are many aspiring entrepreneurs out there who have a great idea for a business but do not have the monetary resources to follow it through. There are also countless of small business owners who want to expand their businesses, inventory or staff. However, they too lack the funding resources to do so. Proseperum solutions offers loans and funding to help those looking for other sources of financing. What if you are looking for a loan without a personal guarantee though? We found a similar question posted and answered in an article in Businessweek.com. The question is here as follows –

Question: We need to get a loan to pay off the owner-financier of our resort campground in South Dakota by March 2015. There are three of us in the limited liability company but none of us wants our name on the loan. Can we get a loan in the name of the LLC only? We are all equal shareholders.

Read the entire article and answer to this question here.

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