Guide to Preparing Your Small Business for Growth

If you’re a small business owner and you are looking for ways on how to expand and make your company flourish then this guide to preparing your small business for growth offers many helpful tips.

When your business is new, your focus is mainly on getting things up and running and bringing in income through sales or other options. Once that is accomplished, you want to ensure future growth. Consider the following items for growing your business.

Increasing the production of your product may take additional manpower, more machinery, larger location and increased inventory. On the other hand, some products may not need an increase in more than one of those factors and could easily be grown with some planning and effort. You decide when to increase your operations.

Other expansion considerations should include the time commitment needed; any increase in size of your location, and issues regarding an increase in customer contact; new employees and any equipment you will need to purchase. On top of those, think about what your future vision is for your company and any related fields you might be able to expand into to grow your business to that vision.

If your business requires inventory, then increasing your sales may be dependent on what further inventory will be available and how much storage space will be required. Inventory, production, availability, and storage are key components on whether or not your business can grow significantly at this time.


So, now you’ve decided your business is ready to expand and new inventory is needed. Cash is the next big concern about growth in your business. There may also be additional financial requirements with hiring more staff, renting storage space, buying additional equipment and even shipping related charges. Before you start you will need to prepare your cash flow projections and assess how much funding will be needed.

Getting a loan from a bank is an option, but your business may not qualify for their strict demands. You may not want to wait for weeks to find out if you have qualified. Also, you may not want to spend the time and energy jumping through all the hoops required by traditional lenders.

This is the time to consider business funding services or a business funding website such as Prosperum Solutions which makes getting a small business loan quick and easy for you. Such options allow you to work with investors seeking projects to fund. The turnaround time on these business loans or business grants is much faster, sometimes receiving funds within hours after submitting an application. Finding investors seeking projects can be as easy as a few keystrokes and pushing the send button.

As your business continues to grow, you may also have to consider changing to new vendors who can keep up with increasing inventory demands, more employees, even larger or more effective equipment and a larger location for your office(s).

You should not be skimping on marketing costs. Good marketing brings business your way and facilitates the growth you desire. If you have not been marketing your business before now – look around. Find out where your successful competitors go for their advertising needs.


And finally, what is your exit strategy. Will leadership be taken over by your children or a manager who you will oversee from a distance? Will you decide to sell it to a larger company that sells similar products? Whatever your choice, you should know when to leave the work behind you.

Becoming an entrepreneur provides wonderful freedom. Expansion of your business may be exactly what you have planned. Owning your business is the chance to move forward. You may want to keep it small and intimate, or you may want to see it turned into a franchise with thousands of locations. If you are ready to grow, figure out the changes and investments required and forge ahead.

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