Five Must-Read-Blogs about Small Business Financing

When you firmly decide you want to start a business, you will need money. Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to find start up funds, never mind cash to keep the business going. But there is small business financing and funding available. These five blogs will show you what your options are, how to find the best solutions for your situation, and tactics for securing the capital you want.


NFIB’s page Small Business Financing provides an invaluable resource for the nuts and bolts information about where and how to get money for your startup venture. Here you will find well-researched articles on topics like the best places to go for government grants, tips for creating a powerful loan application package, or how to receive peer to peer funds. The NFIB also offers a host of other business information as well as discounts on products and professional services. You don’t have to join to access most of these resources.


Bloomberg Businessweek should be a staple in an entrepreneur’s reading list. Their website includes excellent bloggers who share up-to-the-minute financial information in an easy to understand format. Businesswoman and blogger Karen Klein writes the Small Business Financing section, in which she fields questions from business owners covering a wide range of topics. John Tozzi keeps business owners updated on federal policies which involve small business financing, including changing regulations about business credit cards. He also comments on the latest news and studies.


Venture capital funding can be risky and complex, but Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant at Venture Hacks offer wisdom from their successful Silicon Valley experiences. Even if you aren’t planning to go the venture capital route, their blog is worth checking out for its other reliable money-raising ideas. They also offer great links to sites with excellent advice from professionals who are startup funding experts.


This former columnist for Entrepreneur magazine is an expert in funding. He has successfully funded many of his own startup companies and has years of experience. His Entrepreneur column was titled Raising Money, and he continues to share insight and advice on his blog Rock Solid Finance. His posts are thorough and his points are clearly explained. The topics span a wide range, even to an online slideshow about how to raise more than a million dollars in seed funding.


A startup small business needs strong credit, the more the better. Building business credit isn’t always easy, and it may be important to keep your personal credit separate from your business credit. Marco Carbajo blogs about this and other practical topics, including the best business credit cards for small businesses, and how to locate creditors who welcome businesses on the site Business Credit Blogger.

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