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2014 Best Credit Monitoring Services


The Best Credit Monitoring Service for 2014

If you own a small business or a large company then it is imperative that you protect your credit rating. This is even more important if you are planning on applying for business funding since any negative discrepancies in your credit report will likely result in your small business loan being denied. Which explains why we found this article which details the best credit monitoring service for 2014 very important. With the rise and advancements in technology the past year alone, identity theft as well as many other cyber crimes are on the rise. In fact ” According to the most recent “Victims of Identity Theft” report published by the Bureau of Justice in 2013, approximately 16.6 million persons (7% of all U.S. residents age 16 or older) were victims of one or more incidents of identity theft in 2012.” The losses amount to more than $24.7 Billion which is an astronomical number. Prosperum Solutions has a professional staff dedicated to helping business owners find the financing, funding and money loans they need to start-up or expand their businesses. Read The Best Credit Monitoring Service for 2014 here.

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