About Us

Prosperumsolutions.com understands how difficult it can be to raise money to start and grow a small business these days. This is why our company has been helping many big & small businesses all across the U.S. expand and flourish by offering loans and funding to entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses and build on their dreams. We have been in the funding business for many years assisting entrepreneurs become more successful. This has helped make Proseperum Solutions the go-to site for hungry and determined business owners who want to find the money they are lacking for their start-ups and existing businesses. Our funding has allowed thousands of cash strapped companies find that extra money for equipment and technology purchases, inventory, marketing or emergencies. No matter what the need for the funding may be, our team can get you the money you need today. Prosperum Solutions makes funding easy since no personal guarantees are ever needed. Our website has become the leading portal in assisting small companies launch their ideas as well as helping already established businesses expand and grow. Due to the success behind our funding, several of our partners have been featured in popular sites and magazines such as CNNMoney, Forbes and The New York Times.

The people behind Prosperum Solutions have years of experience & strategic solutions to every obstacle you may face due to lack of funds. We provide one-on-one assistance, business planning help and crenellate a plethora of resources for our clients. Our funding providers include Angel Investors, Business Funding, Private equity, Investors, Venture Capital and Private Individual Investors just to name a few. Every budding entrepreneur and business owner receives customer support to provide answers and assistance to all of their questions and concerns regarding business loans and funding. After providing thousands of loans and funding assistance to many enterprisers, we are proud to say Prosperum Solutions has helped the economy grow with businesses flourishing and investors prospering. Let us help you and your business today!